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Taba Heights is a breathtaking year round resort ideally situated in one of the most beautiful sports of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Unlike any other destination in Sinai, Taba Heights offers luxury hotels, a marina, a professional golf course and its own village, all with a single, cohesive aesthetic and first-class service.

The architectural style employed by the resort's village and hotels melt smoothly into the natural backdrop, employing age-old techniques developed by the Arabian and Mediterranean civilizations that once flourished here.
Designed and managed by Oracscom Hotels & Development, the region's leading company in the industry, Taba Heights is a world class holiday destination.

Set against ancient mountain ranges, this magnificent destination lies nestled at the confluence of three continents, where untamed desert and cinnamon mountains are quenched in one of the world's most vibrant coral seas.

At Taba Heights,fun and relaxation is more than what we do - it's a way of life. Above and beyond the luxury amenities offered by each hotel, you'll find many advantages.

The array of activities are brought even closer by our network of free transportation that links the community together. The staggering diversity of ethnic restaurants in the innovative Dine Around Program allows you to sample a variety of cuisines.

Central in our mission of relaxation are the resorts absolutely faboulous spas where you are pampered and cared for by enthusiatic experts. For other guests, the experience will be made special by nightly programming featuring local performance talent, as well as the thrill of gaming at the casino.

Wherever you hail from, rest assured that you will feel right at home in Taba Heights.

It is rare to find a golf course that affords a view of three countries, yet this is exactly what you find at the prestigious Taba Heights Golf Resort. The 18 hole PGA Championship course provides an exciting game for players of all levels.

Taba Heights if fast becoming the new leisure haven and luxury gateway for both land and seafarers.
Radisson SAS

Marriott Taba

Hyatt Taba